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FAQs | Yoddhas - Indians Fighting Against Cancer


Do all tumors cause cancer?

There are two types of tumors: Benign tumor and Malignant tumor. 

Benign tumors are the harmless tumors and they do not spread to other parts of the body. They can be removed by surgery and usually do not reoccur. While Malignant tumors causes cancer.

Is cancer hereditary?

Certain cancers are seen to run in the family. This does not simply mean that they were passed from one generation to the next through their genetic materials. Leading the same lifestyle can be a reason. It is believed that even if there is a hereditary component its effect is very little.

Are certain viruses responsible for cancer?

There are certain evidences which prove that viruses cause cancer in humans. Leukaemia, nasopharyngeal cancer, liver and cervix cancer are considered now as being caused by viruses.

What are the possible causes of cancer?

Tobacco smoking is a major cause of heart disease, gastric ulcers, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema and often the smoker dies young. Heavy alcohol consumption especially in the presence of smoking increases the risk of certain cancers like cancer of tongue, throat, gullet, stomach and
liver. Radiation is extremely dangerous and can cause cancer when not properly handled. Over exposure to X-rays, or by-products of atomic radiation can contribute to the development of cancer
especially leukaemia.

Can cancer be prevented?

An improvement in the lifestyle can help to ward off cancer. A well balanced diet with less fat and greener leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, milk etc. can protect people. Knowledge of the warning signals of cancer helps one to get an early diagnosis and a successful treatment.

What can be the side effects of Radiation and Chemotherapy?

Depending on the site of radiation treatment, the symptoms will vary. Diarrhoea, dryness of mouth, mouth soreness, and difficulty in swallowing, loss of appetite and taste and abdominal cramps are some of the side effects due to radiation. Chemotherapeutic drugs also can cause severe discomfort.
Loss of hair, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, anaemia is some of the severe complaints. All these side effects are temporary and vanish 2 to 3 weeks after completion of treatment.

What are the most common types of cancers that are seen to occur in Indians?

In India there are variations in the occurrence and pattern of cancer. However, in our men, the majority of all cancers are found in mouth and throat, lung, stomach, gullet etc. and in women, they are found in large numbers in uterus [cervix], breast, mouth and throat.

What types of food should be avoided to prevent cancer?

It is generally suggested that a high fat diet can cause cancer of Intestine, Colon, Rectum, Prostate, Uterus and Breast. Certain food additives and colouring agents are also highly suspected to cause cancer. Diet with plenty of fibre is shown to be protective against Intestinal cancer. There is a strong
protective effect for green leafy vegetables, carrot, milk, citrus fruits etc. against many forms of cancers.