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Events 2018 | Yoddhas - Indians Fighting Against Cancer

Events 2018

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YYAP meet - 24th April' 18 - Innov8, CP

“””To support a cause and to take care of cancer patients is an enormous priviledge, but is also involves deploying everything in your toolbox: the emotional, the psychological, the scientific, the epidemiollogic- Siddharth Mukherjee””.
New interns were onboarded not only to learn and support the fight against cancer but to give their best as we continue our initiative to reach out to all Yoddhas out there.
Mrs. Rashi Mandla Yadav took the induction for the new batch.”

Yoddhas Foundation Day & Patient Support Meet- 2-Jun-18 - Innov8, Gurgaon

“Yoddhas started by a blood cancer fighter, Mr. Rahul Yadav marked completion of 4 years on 1-Jun-18. In honour of our Founder, we celebrated the Foundation Day with patients, Caregivers and our young interns. It was an interactive session where patients and caregovers came forward to share their experiences as part of their journey in cancer.
Our intern paid their respect to their mentor Mr. Rahul Yadav which was followed by tribute by the Founder’s wife Mrs. Rashi Mandla Yadav.
A talk on Talk on Cancer & Health was given by Maj Gen S N Yadav (Retd.) by sharing key insights of healthy eating, regular exercise and importance of early detection. The session was followed by a talk on Yoga and Meditation by Mrs. Gayatri Bhat (Survior and advising doctor at Yoddhas) where interns came forward as volunteers to practice Yoga. Zumba session was taken by instructor Mrs. Deepa Mehra to bring about the importance of exercising in a fun way.”

International Yoga Day - 19-Jun-18 - NCC Auditorium, Delhi Cantt

“On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Yoddhas – Indians Fighting Against Cancer with NCC and Artemis Hospital celebrated Yoga Day on 19th June’18 at NCC Auditorium in Delhi Cantt with 800+ NCC cadets from PAN India and esteemed doctors from Yoddhas and Artemis Hospital. The program commenced by paying Tribute to Mr. Rahul Yadav by his wife Mrs. Rashi Mandla Yadav, followed by key insights about Health & Cancer by Maj Gen. S N Yadav (Retd.) . The team aimed at spreading awareness about Cancer and impact of Yoga and Meditation. NCC cadets, Team Yoddhas Volunteers, Doctors and Army personnel practiced Yoga under the guidance of Dr. Gayatri Bhat as she shared the benefits of Yoga. Dr. Pawan from Artemis Hospital shared information about types of blood cancer and various factors associated. The NCC cadets were provided a platform of panel discussion where cadets came forward for an interactive session. Zumba session was led by Ms. Deepa Mehra who engaged the cadets and volunteers. Health checkup camp was organised by the Artemis team supported by Dr. Soni where cadets came forward for BP, Sugar and Mammography checkups.

Mr. Rahul Yadav always quoted #LetNoOneFightAlone, we live his dream as TeamYoddhas and continue to hold the torch high as we pay our respect to the Founder of Yoddhas-Indian Fighting Against Cancer.”

Yoddhas Presence in Patient Safety in achieveing Universal Health - 11-Jul-18 - IIHMR,Dwarka

As part of Universal Health Safety, Yoddhas was invited to the event where importance of patient safety along with caregiver was discussed.

Entrepreneur India Awards 2018 - 16-Jul-18 - J W Marriot

Mr. Rahul Yadav, Founder & CEO – Entrepreneur Award for Community Building Start Up of the Year

Awareness Session on Cancer & Healthy Living - 29-Jul-18 - Govt. Girls Sr. Secondary School, Saraswati Vihar

“Cancer awareness Session –
Shaping young minds- Our dedicated volunteers from Team Yoddhas spreading awareness in Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School, Saraswati Vihar on 30-Jul-18 about healthy eating habits, regular exercise, early detection and stem cell donation. The students actively participated in the knowledge sharing process.
Thanks Deepanshi Shokeen and Anupriya Sachdeva for the initiative.


Senior Citizen- Yoddhas Principal Advisor was invited to grace the day and share thoughts - 12-Aug-18 - Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon

“It’s all in the mind to judge what’s our age !!
Yoddhas – Indians Fighting Against Cancer celebrated Senior Citizen Day with Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon on 12-Aug-18. The interactive session focused on importance of health of elderly people and early signs of joint pains. Maj Gen S N Yadav from Yoddhas shared views on cancer in elderly people and importance of safeguarding our future. Ms. Deepa Mehra, Zumba instructor took a Zumba session where volunteers came forward and enjoyed the different way of exercising. #LetNoOneFightAlone

Awareness Session on Cancer & Healthy Living - 18-Aug-18 - Sarvodya Kanya Vidyalaya, Nangloi

“Creating awareness about cancer, healthy lifestyle and eating habits is the key for a better tomorrow. Yoddhas continue to spread awareness among the youth at Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Nangloi on 18-Aug-18. Interns from Yoddhas Anupriya Sachdeva Hitesh Mandla Milee Agrawal Shefali and Muskaan shared key facts about early detection, types of cancer, importance of stem cells, prevention and symptoms of Cancer. Students participated with enthusiasm and number of questions stormed through their mind. The Q&A enhanced their knowledge and learning, thus making the session interactive.
We continue to hold the torch high of our Founder’s Rahul Yadav dream and aim to spread awareness.

Pinkathon Delhi Inaugural Run - 24-Aug-18 - Club Florence, Gurgaon, Sector 56

“Pinkathon Delhi is coming- 23 Sep 18!!
We thank you Sir Milind Soman for remembering Rahul Yadav and for talking about Yoddhas, our Founder Rahul Yadav ‘s dream.
Yoddhas along with survivor and a fighter Kaajal participated in the inaugural run/ walk today (25.Aug.18).

Pinkathon Press Release, Yoddhas Mascot - 28-Aug-18 - Farzi Café, CP

Yoddhas survivor and fighter Kaajal Palli was chosen as the Mascot for Pinkathon 2018 5 km run. Mr Milind Soman remembered Yoddhas Founder Mr. Rahul Yadav and recognised his brave family who take forward the dream and legacy of Mr. Rahul. The Press conference also captured that age is not a limit where a 103 year lady has been taking part in the Pinkathon.

Creatives Making Competition - 29-Aug-18 - SIMS, Pune

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. For those who are fighting this battle, don’t let the, feel alone. Shower love and let it reach out to them. This is what “Yoddhas” stands for.

Pinkathon Shero Walk, Delhi - 8-Sep-18 - Nehru Park, Chanakyapuri

“With a never to give up spirit, our brave Sheros (She Heros), surviours came forward and shared their stories and how fitness changed their life as we started the Shero walk. We participated and walked with our brave Yoddhas in Nehru Park, Delhi on 8 Sep’18 followed by a session of meditation and i-inspire medal distribution. Thank you Ms. Kaajal, Ms. Neenu, Ms. Rama and Ms. Preeti for sharing your inspiring stories.”

Cankids - 9-Sep-18 - Airforce Auditorium (Afternoon)

Yoddhas was invited in the Cankids celebrations for childhood cancer awareness. Surviors, fighters and parents of the children caame forward from different parts of the country and enjoyed the event by participating with their children. The Founder of Cankids Ms. Poonam fondly remembered Mr. Rahul Yadav at the event.

Lymphoma Day Awareness - 15-Sep-18 - Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute

Yoddhas participation in Lymphoma awareness event on World Lymphoma Day at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute. Special Thanks to Dr Dinesh Bhurani, Dr Riyaz, Dr Agarwal, Shamim Bano, Ms Madan and all present. Lovely event with wonderful participation by Lymphoma winners.

Yoddhas little warriors interactions - 20-Sep-18 - Bharti Hospital, Pune

SIMS Yoddhas participated in celebrations with the little warriors at Bharti Hospital, Katraj Pune. All ongoing pediatric Cancer patients were invited including the survivors.Ms. Jyoti Twari our Ambasador in Pune and a brave mother shared the journey of Mr. Rahul Yadav our Founder along with the key details about Yoddhas as a support group. SIMS Yoddhas Pune gave toys to the little warriors and greeting cars preparted by Symbiosis students. The children enjoyed the interactive sessions by playing and dancing with Yoddhas volunteers.

Pinkathon, Delhi - 23-Sep-18 - Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

With a never to give up spirit survivors, fighter, caregivers, Yoddhas core team and interns came forward and participated in Pinkathon Delhi along with NCC & APS Delhi students (150+ students). A great event with zumba fitness sessions. Team Yoddhas also volunteered and took up water stations and kept the runners motivated as they ran.

Patient Caregiver Support Meet - 28-Sep-18 - Pune, Phoenix Mall

Warriors and caregivers came forward for Patient Support Meet on 28-Sep-18 and kept our Founder’s dream alive of connecting each other from the initial phase of diagnosis, during treatment and after treatment.

Heart and Sole Walkathon - 30-Sep-18 - Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon

“Yoddhas at Artemis Walkathon 2018 !!
People pledged to walk for a healthy heart and a better lifestyle from all age groups. Yoddhas supported the cause by participating and collaborating with Artemis Hospital , a funday Sunday. #LetNoOneFightAlone”

Yoddhas Presence in Patient Safety in achieveing Universal Health - 11-Jul-18 - IIHMR,Dwarka

As part of Universal Health Safety, Yoddhas was invited to the event where importance of patient safety along with caregiver was discussed.