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The Silent Yoddhas!!

Princess Diana quoted,“Family is the most important thing in the world.”

Well how essentially true is that in the lives of cancer patients? When the world talks about how brave hearts the cancer patients are, we often forget to acknowledge their pillars of support “The Caregivers” throughout the tough journey. If a patient undergoes a hard time getting treated, the “Informal Caregivers”, as science calls it or the “Family” as we call it stand solid with them, often neglecting the trauma they themselves undergo through seeing a loved one in pain.

As Leo Tolstoy says it, “Each family with cancer has cancer in its own way!”

The caregivers provide with practical help starting from the early stages of diagnosis like visiting hospital with patients, dealing with the medicines to most importantly providing the ongoing psychological support.  At every stage of this journey caregiver also battles a silent battle.

Despite all this the caregivers face similar challenges all across draining their energy to garner more of emotional, social, and physical health tolls. Today when cancer treatment is given in outpatient treatment centres and in hospitals, it clearly means that someone is needed to be part of the day-to-day care of the person with cancer. The role of a caregiver on top of that never remains constant and has to shift with the patient’s routine. What seems more exerting is that not only there is sacrifice of personal routine but if the caregiver is a bread earner for the family, he or she has the responsibility of all other members of the family also. But then with the same turmoil, caregivers find satisfaction in taking care of their loved one with cancer. What becomes important in today’s time is that the caregivers need to be well aware of the facts related to the disease and it would be great to bring them to a platform where they can find information and latest trivia to help the patients better. Also while handling a patient a caregiver should be aware of the fact that there are several myths associated to the disease which shouldn’t come in the way of taking care of their loved ones in times of distress. The family of a patient and the informal caregivers need to adopt a scientific temperament which not only boosts positive vibes in the patient but helps in better recovery.

We need to realise that the caregivers have a bottled up emotional thunderstorm within them which they never let come in the path of being the strongest pillar of support to their loved ones. We need to see the Yoddhas, the actual warriors, in them who surpass every emotional distress to be there, Always!!  Yoddhas provides a platform for patients and caregivers where they can relieve themselves of the emotional turmoil, adopt a scientific attitude and stand strong together as a community and for their loved ones.

We at Yoddhas feel proud of all the caregivers associated with us and salute them for their never ending passion and the emotional bridge they act as!