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Importance of Positivity During Cancer

Importance of Positivity During Cancer

“Your mind is what you become” Buddha

Our entire lives we are guided to be more optimistic, especially in times of crisis, but during dejecting course of cancer, it becomes particularly necessary for one to follow that path. The time when one is already facing physical weakness, mental strength is in one’s hands and needs to guarded.

Feelings of depression, anxiety and fear are few of the common emotional responses of one’s mind during cancer and this can happen to a patient as well as their family members. Physical symptoms and changes in physical appearance can both make one feel stressed and hopeless and one loses both physical and mental strength.  

However, while one cannot do much about the physical symptoms, one should always remember that your mind and body work together. Once they mentally believe in the treatment, their body works towards accepting the treatment. Consider optimism as a motivation to pursue the treatment plan. Words like ‘brave’, ‘strength’, ‘faith’, ‘power’ should be on one’s thoughts.

The finish line is ‘cancer-free’ and one needs to constantly keep that in mind. When one is emotionally stronger, it also comforts those around them. For family members it is equally essential to be positive so as to keep the patient motivated.

There are few suggested ways listed below that can help one in staying positive during their course:

  • Relaxation and meditation- this is recommended for people to calm down one’s mind and body during the hard times. It aids one in thinking more clearly and avoiding rash decisions or anger.
  • Interaction with Cancer survivors- this is a great source of optimism as it tells one that ‘thing will be ok eventually’. Reading stories or talking to survivors helps one share their struggle with someone who will empathize. Consider them to be inspirations.
  • Join Support groups- similar to survivors, it helps to share one’s pain with other patients, care givers and exchange ideas that work for them.
  • Physical activity- exercise is recommended for people dealing with depressive and anxious mood. Though not advisable for patients to carry out heavy activity, light workouts or mundane tasks like gardening or may be just a drive can cheer up one’s mood.

“Let no one fight Alone !!” – Rahul Yadav, Founder of Yoddhas

Author: Kruttika Aggarwal (Yoddhas Ambassador)

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