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Multiple Myeloma Specialists in India: A Complete List

Multiple Myeloma Specialists in India: A Complete List

Multiple myeloma, also known as plasma cell myeloma, is a cancer of plasma cells, a type of white blood cell normally responsible for producing antibodies. 

In India, due to the expensive treatment and lack of information and awareness, a lot of people give up all of their hope of getting better but we strive to fight against cancer no matter what! 

Here’s a List of some of the best HOSPITALS which offer the treatments for myeloma patients in India- 

  • AII India Institute of Medical Sciences, (New Delhi)
  • Post Graduate Institute of Medical Research,   (Chandigarh)
  • Tata Memorial, (Mumbai) 
  • CMC, (Vellore)
  • Manipal Hospital, (Mangalore)
  • Tata Medical Center, (Kolkata)
  • Apollo Hospital, (Chennai)



List of Multiple myeloma specialists in India- 


A complete List of multiple myeloma specialists in India (Hematologists)

  1. Dr. Lalit Kumar (AIIMS, New Delhi) 
  2. Dr. Atul Sharma (AIIMS, New Delhi) 
  3. Dr. Hari Menon (Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai) 
  4. Dr. Pankaj Malhotra (Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Chandigarh) 
  5. Dr. Auro Viswabandya (Christian Medical College, Vellore) 
  6. Dr. Navin Khatri (Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai) 
  7. Dr. Shilin Shukla (Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute) 
  8. Dr. Tapan Saikia (Jaslok, Mumbai)
  9. Dr. Mammen Chandy(TMC KOLKATA)
  10. Dr. Vikram Mathews(CMC vellore)
  11. Dr. Jacob John(CMC Ludhiana)
  12. Dr Shashikant Apte (Hahyadri Hospital, Pune)
  13. Dr Sameer melinkeri(Pune)
  14. Dr vijay Ramadan(Ruby hall Pune)
  15. Dr MB Agarwal(Mumbai)
  16. Dr Ajay Sharma(Gangaram Hospital, Delhi)
  17. Dr Sharat Damodar( Narayan hridayalaya, Bengaluru)
  18. Dr Velu Nair(R&R Hospital, New Delhi)
  19. Dr Dinesh Bhurrani( Rajiv Gandhi Hospital, New Delhi)
  20. Dr Dharma Chaudhary (BLK Hospital, New Delhi)




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