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The Importance of a Support Group for a Cancer Fighter

The Importance of a Support Group for a Cancer Fighter

The cancer diagnosis gives a person various challenges, many fighters cope up with the physical practical and financial challenges but fail emotionally.
Cancer takes it’s toll on every patient giving them phases of disbelief, anger, sadness, hopelessness and loneliness, that is when the need of a support group comes up!



Support groups help a cancer fighter in various ways, from being able to talk about their stress to getting to know the experience of others, support group definitely provides the atmosphere which is feels like a safer place, it not only makes a cancer fighter feel better but also gives them a ray of hope and the idea that they are not alone in this, that they aren’t the only one having such stress, fear, worries or even the little joys.


There are various types of support groups for various types of cancer fighters but at the end of the day the aim of every support group is to provide an emotional and practical support to people fighting with cancer but the main aim of every Supporting group is the same

To make a contribution in the lives of people who have been affected by the diagnosis of cancer and benefit them in the long run.
Support groups not only provide the basic knowledge about cancer and its treatments but also makes the person active and helps them deal with the side effects by enhancing their coping skills and giving them a sense of reassurance. 



It helps the person to gain a better perspective and to recognize their own inner resources and power for healing and dealing with cancer in a better and a positive way. It helps them in their journey of fighting cancer and beating it and they in turn help others by their experience and that’s the beauty of support groups!


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Author- Ayesha Khan
(Yoddhas Ambassador)