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Coping Mechanism: How to deal with Cancer

Coping Mechanism: How to deal with Cancer

You are living your life to the fullest. But one fine day, world comes crashing down as you hear your doctor informing that you have CANCER! But wait, that must not stop you from living your life to the fullest. For a fraction of seconds (or more), you may feel helpless, deny the seriousness of the disease, delegate all the decision-making powers for health care to the medical staff and exhibit regressive modes of behavior.



However, that is exactly what you should avoid doing or feeling as it is a sheer waste of time. Rather, utilize your time in doing few important things to cope and deal with cancer like a well-equipped YODDHA!

  • COLLECT FACTUAL INFORMATION ABOUT CANCER: the type of cancer, location of cancerous cells, whether the cancer is treatable, procedures and options of treatment and its side effects, prevention and precaution.


  • COMMUNICATE: communicate with your doctors to let them know how you exactly feel, with your close family and friends to avoid feeling isolated. Ask your doctors about side effects like hair loss. Try and maintain a two-way communication with family and friends and doctors. You may even join cancer-support groups.


  • BE HEALTHY: do yoga. Have a healthy diet. Cope with stress.

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  • PRIORITIES AND HAPPINESS: do things that you love doing and those that make you happy. Prioritize things and concentrate doing them and don’t overburden yourself with unnecessary jobs.


  • BE NORMAL: maintain a normal lifestyle. Take one day at a time. Live as normally as possible as if nothing happened.

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  • KEEP A CHECK ON FINANCES: medicines, medical device, doctor fees, travel fees, etc. Many clinics and hospitals keep list of resources to help you financially during and after treatment.

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  • JOIN CANCER SUPPORT GROUP OR CONTACT PEOPLE WITH CANCER: it may help to talk to people who have and are experiencing similar situation as you are. They may even give you an insight into what to expect and what not to.


  • IGNORE STIGMAS: many are unaware of the actual facts related to cancer and therefore behave awkwardly, like ignoring you as they feel cancer is contagious. Ignore these backward people and live your life. No one can make you feel low other than you. Don’t give power to others to make you feel low.


  • DEVELOP YOUR OWN COPING STRATEGIES: it is your life and you have the greatest command over it. So develop your own methods to stay happy and stress-free. Keep journals, set aside “me” time, remain involved with work, etc.


Lastly, quoting Franklin D. Roosevelt, “all we have to fear is fear itself”. So leave the fear behind, move on with life, be normal, BE HAPPY!



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Author- Meghna Roy (Yoddhas Ambassador)