7 Ways to prevent Cancer

7 Ways to prevent Cancer

Cancer, considered to be one of the deadliest diseases has been affecting people all over the world. People in United States are on a higher toll which makes them prone to bring about a change in their lifestyle, invention of new medicines through extensive research. Cancer can affect any age group in any part of the world.

Prevention of Cancer is still evolving in various countries. It is a proven fact that simple lifestyle changes can bring a huge difference. People need to be made aware about various steps to be taken to prevent cancer by starting various awareness programmes, screening tests to detect cancer at a preliminary stage in order to lead a healthy life in future. A healthy diet, daily exercises, avoiding tobacco products, immediate screening tests fall under the first line of defense.

Cancer can affect to any part in your body. So it is always good to keep a healthy watch over your body changes and daily routine activities to detect or make an early call for prevention of cancer. There are various inhibitions which people possess in dealing with early detection of cancer or revealing cancer as it is trademarked to be not acceptable in society due to lack of education among the masses which makes them feel intimidated in revealing the various symptoms of cancer to the doctors.

There are various conflicting instances in research about prevention of cancer that it makes difficult for a common man in handling this disease and preventing it. But simple steps or remedies needs to be taken to prevent cancer before it’s too late to take a call.

Avoiding unnecessary scans, paying attention to pains, consuming organic food, keeping your mobiles away to avoid health hazards, avoiding caffeine, eating healthy, clean and green veggie food, having a check on your weight, consuming loads of filtered water, Brazilian nuts and whole grains, keeping your folic acid levels, iodine levels on check, avoiding exposure to UV rays, avoiding unnecessary medications are all some of the cancer prevention tips to be practiced every day.

The highly common 7 Cancer prevention tips are given below:
Eating a healthy diet: Choosing a healthy diet to fill your stomach from a nearby store. Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables especially organic ones will protect the human body from harmful chemicals. Including beans, whole grains and sprouts, antioxidant rich diet, low fat cheese and butter to nullify fat contents would reduce the risk of cancer.

Avoiding Alcohol:
Moderation in consumption of alcohol would be preferred to avoid risks of cancer. Excess consumption of alcohol would result in various types of cancers associated with organs like breast, colon, lung, kidney and liver.

Avoiding Tobacco:
Smoking is one of the primary reasons associated with almost 15 types of cancer majorly dealing with lungs, bladder, cervix, kidney and accounts to 60% death in both men and women. Secondary smokers are also prone to various types of cancers. Even chewing tobacco is also associated with oral cancer and pancreatic cancers. It is a high time to consult a doctor to develop strategies to quit smoking by using medicated products for people directly or indirectly involved with tobacco.

Physical Activity to maintain a healthy and fit regime:
Maintaining a healthy weight is a mandate to avoid cancers associated with kidney, prostate, colon, breast and lungs. A daily physical activity of 30 minutes per day is always good to avoid risks of cancer. Aerobic activity will always help you give a good start for regular exercises and which can be accompanied with vigorous ones as well. It is always good to have 150 minutes of physical activity per week to have a physically fit body.

Protect yourself from radiations:
Keep away from mid day sunlight between 10am-4pm.Always stay in the shade when outdoors. Cover exposed areas of your body, use dark colored clothes, use sunglasses, use sunscreen UV protected lotions (SPF) to avoid skin tanning, skin cancer.

Immunizations and avoid risky behaviors:
Take timely immunizations to avoid viral infections which may turn out to be cancerous. ex: Human papillomavirus (HPV):is a virus which causes cervical cancer. Vaccines for HPV are available for both men and women of age 26 or below as well.

Have safe sex:
Having unprotected sex with multiple partners can result in sexually transmitted infections like HPV and HIV. People suffering from sexually transmitted diseases are more prone to cancers of cervix, anus, vagina, penis, throat and vulva.

Avoid shared needles:
People who share needles would suffer from HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C which increases the risk of liver cancer.

Get medical checkups done on a regular basis:
Regular medical checkups and screening tests would help in the early detection of various types of cancers of skin, lymph nodes, throat, lungs, cervix, vagina, colon, prostate, breast and get early medical aids like chemotherapy, counseling sessions, awareness workshops etc.

People under the age group of 20 can undergo cancer related health exams and counseling sessions related to various types of cancer and its early detection and prevention.

Cervical cancer screening needs to be done after 3 years of having an intercourse for people above 21 years of age. Pap smear tests needs to be done every year/once in 2 years. Mammogram is a mandate for women above 40 years and colon cancer screening is a must for men and women above 50 years of age.

Keeping in constant touch with cancer related news, counseling sessions, talks from cancer survivors will help people in early detection, prevention, treatment and guidance from doctors about lifestyle changes in terms of mental, physical, spiritual health to be brought among cancer patients.

The ultimate solution to any problem lies within us and with utmost motivation and support, if detected earlier will pave the way for a healthy life