Alternative Cancer Treatment

Alternative Cancer Treatment

Cancer Cure through Reiki

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Reiki is considered to be an alternative and support treatment for people suffering from various cancers like thyroid, breast, ovarian  and other cancers.

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique to establish connection between mind and soul by energy transfer through touch and distance healing. Patients need to take this therapy with the help of a professional. It helps patients overcome depression,stress, anxiety, fatigue, side affects of chemotherapy sessions and medicines. It helps patients develop an overall healthy mental ,emotional and spiritual state of the individual. It increases the natural ability of the body to heal itself, helps in balancing the chakras in the body and is not harmful in any means.

Benefits of Reiki and Principles of Reiki:

Reiki Cures Cancer:

Reiki has the power to heal the emotional well being of a person before healing at a physical level. The practitioner usually transfers the energy from himself to the patient by placing the palms over the patient’s body or slightly above the body in 15 different positions as in various forms of Reiki.

A persisting cancerous tumor in the body when subjected to Reiki healing has shown considerable reduction in growth and multiplication of cells. The prognosis of the patients in terms of survival has drastically improved as per research.

The energy radiated into the body gives a lasting healing to the patient and helps him undergo his chemo sessions in a painless manner.It also removes the side effects of chemo sessions like fear, releases pain, anger, relieves nausea and stomach related issues.

The healing energy from Reiki treatment removes the blockages in our body and mind starting right from head to toe which has accumulated in the form of negativity, fear, past thoughts and diseases in our body over a period of time which is hidden or may appear externally. It is the supreme power which establishes connection with highest intellect levels and helps in healing the body in its natural way. It increases the combating power in the body and puts the patient to normal life through spiritual healing powers.

Reiki cures the following diseases/symptoms:

Wide research and implementation of Reiki at hospitals has been happening in UK, US, NZ, Australia and many holistic healing centers have opened in India as well for Cancer Cure.

Studies indicate that survival rates for cancer patients has an increase of 30% in the past 20 years of observation and Australian medical associations have widely accepted the relation between mind, body and soul.

Overall the success rate for healing cancer is highest with Reiki treatment and the American Cancer Society has declared Reiki to be the holistic, non-invasive and safest treatment which can be provided to all patients suffering from cancer. It helps in regaining the mental equilibrium and emotional wellness which is at most necessary for cancer cure. It has by far helped patients to undergo painless chemo sessions, maintain optimized heart rate, promotes stress free and relaxed life.

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Author- Shashwathi.S 
Part-time content writer and an Ambassador at Yoddhas-Indians Fighting Against Cancer.

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  • Ishita Goyal

    Reiki sure is very powerful.
    A relative of mine got treated for severe arthritis by Reiki and the treatment went very well.

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    To fight something like cancer, we must not let any option out of sight!